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On Momio you can find new friends and hang out with the ones you already have! Momio is free and will always stay that way.- Get likes and comments on your posts- Buy clothes for your momio and give it a cool look- Write messages to your friends for free- Send momos to your friends and climb in levels- Get and give cool gifts- Get lots of new friends- Get pet animos and play games with them- Watch cool YouTube videos- Get free diamonds and surprises every day
You decide what your own momio looks like. New stuff is put in the shop all the time, so you can style your momio exactly the way you want to. There are clothes for both boys and girls!
If you run out of diamonds don't worry - there are plenty of free diamonds for everybody on Momio. Just catch a birmo when it flies by, or watch a video and you're ready to hit the shop again!
Momio cares a lot about your safety and makes sure everybody has a good time! Bullies are not welcome. Momio is for kids and you have to be less than 18 years old to use it.
If you don’t want to see advertisements on Momio, there is an ad free option available inside Momio. After creating your account, click the diamond icon in the top and then the umbrella. The ad free option removes ads for the account forever. This includes all forms of ads: posts, chat messages and videos. The ad free option requires a one time payment.
Momio - Always among friends!